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Specializing in Mental Health, Family & Couples Therapy and EMDR for trauma

Anxiety & Depression

Whether you have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or not, struggling daily with persistent feelings of anxiety can effect your physical wellbeing, mental health, relationships, sleep and overall quality of life. Depressive thoughts can result in self-criticism, negativity and hopelessness and can feel paralyzing. When untreated, anxiety and depression can snowball quickly and you may begin to feel that your anxiety or depression is controlling you rather than you being in control of it. At Liminal Space Therapy, we understand anxiety and depression to be issues that can be overcome when individuals work hard. We have seen clients battle their anxiety and improve their lives when we apply a treatment called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). The assumption of CBT is that people's internal thoughts have a big influence on how they feel. Sometimes our internal thoughts are distorted and this results in distorted emotions about an event. In other words, our behaviours are determined by our thoughts about a situation rather then what is actually happening around us. 

Borderline Personality Disorder:
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills Training

DBT is used to treat behavioural and emotional problems, borderline personality disorder, anxiety, depression and eating disorders. The overall goal of DBT skills training is to help individuals change behavioural, emotional, thinking, and interpersonal patterns associated with problems in living. The skill building therapy covers all 4 DBT modules: mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation and distress tolerance.

Relationship and Couples Therapy

Relationship difficulties can affect us all. Changes in friendships, intimate partnerships, marriages and families can often cause distress that can be addressed in therapy. Often, individuals and families can be taught communication skills that improve their relationships. Alternatively, couples and families may need a safe environment in which to be vulnerable with each other about struggles they are having in their relationship. In any of these situations, Liminal Space therapists provide a space in which skills can be taught and difficult discussions can happen. Typically Megan and Ben see couples as a couple because we have found this to be an effective way to provide couples counseling. 

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR uses a set of procedures to organize your negative and positive feelings, emotions, and thoughts, and then uses bilateral stimulation, such as eye movements or alternating tapping, as the way to help you effectively work through those disturbing memories.

Family Therapy

Behaviour does not occur in a vacuum. We see the family as a breathing organism with many different individuals who make up a whole system. Each individual contributes to the whole and challenges can arise when there are maladaptive interactions inside the system. Each part has a role to play in healing the system as a whole.


Using our unique point of view as Masters trained social workers, we can also help those who are looking for general self-development and self-exploration. Using a narrative approach to talk therapy, we can explore your social location, the complications of the modern world and self-reflection to continue to further develop your sense of self and and to work toward self-actualization.

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